Monday, 4 May 2015

A Peek into Medieval Fantasy

Now it’s time to start your celebration and enjoy all the upcoming medieval events around the world.You must be searching for the medieval costumes or medieval armours which you can wear during any medieval event.Some of the wonderful medieval fantasy costumes and medieval gowns.

Recently I participated in a medieval play where I found these concepts of medieval dresses for women. Looking amazing medieval gowns.

I found there medieval armour which includes medieval helmets. These were looking just fantastic. 

Now I am thinking to get myself medieval armour for sale. As I am very fond of medievalclothing for men. Always purchased medieval costumes, medieval jerkins for men online from websites.
Including these medieval gowns, medieval armours, I had seen some people were carrying amazing medieval weapons in their hands.

These are amazing medieval weapons which I had seen during medieval event.One thing which I had noticed that now people are coming up with more trendy and fashionable medieval costumes like I had seen medieval jerkins for men and those were really awesome.


I love to see these trendy medieval clothing for men and women. I hope you liked these medieval costumes and medieval weapons. For any further queries you can comment below.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Why People Love Steampunk Faire

Steampunk Faire is an event in which people use to wear the dress like the time when steam engines were used.This is a event and a time of joy for all the people and they celebrate it with happiness . This festival is celebrated around the world in different countries and thousands of people participate in it.

The main reason of celebrating a Steampunk fair is to enjoy and fun with the family and friends. People use to wear different Steampunk costumes and with that they carry Steampunk weapon which suits their costume.The main attraction is all the dresses and costumes which people wear at Steampunk faire. Everyone tries to wear something unique Steampunk clothing from others.

So,let’s see some of the rare Steampunk costumes which you can wear in 2015 Steampunk faire:

Britannia Guard Coat-This is an amazing Steampunk costume in which you can wear a Britannia guard coat.A  white colored pith helmet and after that you can use a Steampunk google. Wear white gloves on your hands and a belt. Wear long Steampunk boots with it and lastly you need a Steampunk weapon. A long gun will complete this Steampunk costume.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

10 Steampunk Event Around US in 2015

The time has come for Steampunk, cyberpunk & Dieselpunk events across the US and around the world 2015. If you are looking to join in Steampunk event around US in 2015 then get ready and start preparing yourself for that.Major 10 Steampunk events around US in 2015:

Wild Wild West Steampunk convention 4 – WWW3 is America’s first and only Steampunk convention and festival,  which takes place in a western themed town and amusement park. It is the largest western type Steampunk festival in America.People wear Steampunk costumes and carry Steampunk weapons.Steampunk clothing for this event 2015 can be found online on many eCommerce websites.

Steampunk Convention 4

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Top 5 Steampunk Movies Ever Made

Steampunk is trending from the Victorian’s period but if you are hearing about this term now then it is like omnipresent Victorian-themed sci-fi genre suddenly spawned out of some dark corner of the counter-culture netherworld.
I have read so many articles and blogs related to steampunk clothing store which include steampunk collections like footwear, weapons, costumes, steampunk clothing men and other stuffs. So this means that steampunk fashion is still loved by the people even today.

Just to increase the fascination amongst people some popular steampunk movies were made on the silver screen so that people can enjoy and feel its custom in a different way. With such movies you can increase your steampunk passion.

The following movies contain all the interesting steampunk elements, excellent movies for steampunk lovers of any age:-

        Igor (2008):- A story focused on Igor, a mad scientist’s loveable assistant determined to prove his worth as a diabolical evil genius. Basically, Igor is just a cute little hunchback with bad intentions plagued by an inherently good heart. Steam factors include a town chalked full of mad scientists, gears and goggles at every turn, and some snazzy futuristic Victorian duds.

The Golden Compass (2007):- A young girl in a parallel universe is on an adventure to save her friend along with other kidnapped children from an institution called the Magisterial.  This is a movie full of fantastical elements such as soul-representing daemons, warrior polar bears, and flying witches.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

10 Best Actors Wearing Steampunk Clothes

The Steampunk fashion was not only famous in its era, but from past years, it has flowed down in this modern world as well. Here in this post we will see some of the awesome Steampunk collections of clothing from the top Steampunk inspired movies that their actors were wearing.

     1) Sherlock Holmes (Movie: Sherlock Holmes): - This movie was like again writing the history as it reflects the whole Steampunk era culture. The movie is full packed with Victorian gadgets and clothings (as you can see on Mr.Holmes). Although in my case I did not like the movie much, but for sure the scenes and the scenery were catchy. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

5 Ways to Wear Steampunk Goggles

The concept of Steampunk  goggles is nothing different, but it is an additional kind of accessory which goes with Steampunk clothes and it is one of the amazing pieces in steampunk collections. The design of such goggles is no doubt unique and they look awesome to wear.

This post is specially written for those who either don’t know how to use these goggles or who are searching ways to put on with their Steampunk dress. Such goggles do not only with steampunk costumes for women but also with men too.

1) On head: - This look of carrying Steampunk goggle on the head is very common. It is a casual look which looks cool, but then you have to be careful when tying on the head. This is not a very creative look, but still it goes well with Steampunk costumes.

Friday, 29 August 2014

A Look at the Endless Steampunk Fashion

The Steampunk fashion means fantasy that is “imagination” which comprises of historical style as well as eclectic style steampunk clothing of men and women. “What is the origin of steampunk ?” giving answer to this question is very hard but the steampunk era was full of literature as well as entertainment of the 19th century that is during the time of “steam engine”. So steampunk represents steam powered machinery rather than any advanced technology.

steampunk costume for men