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Reason:Why Steampunk Fashion is So Famous??

I have read so many articles and blogs related to steampunk clothing store which include steampunk collections like footwear, weapons, costumes and other stuffs. So I was wondering what might be the reason for its so much popularity. So here I will share some of the reasons which make it more eminent.

What is Steampunk?

Mostly many people are confused with the term “steampunk”, so just to clear the doubts, steampunk is a combination of three elements:-
     1. Imaginative fantasy
     2. Speculative fiction
     3. Anachronistic science fiction

Steampunk is such a broad category that it can be divided into:-

     1.Steampunk clothing
     2.Steampunk footwear
     3.Steampunk accessories
     4.Steampunk weapons and many more.

Where did Steampunk come from?

Steampunk is based on Victorian era but still there is a huge difference between Victorian fictions and steampunk. So they are not the same thing just an inherited version. There has always been a contradictory between the two, but the thing is that modern steampunk are trending in different good ways in opposing to the Victorian writers.
Steampunk is influenced by the 19th century and cyberpunk was becoming the popular genre of the time and Jeter had cheekily proposed “steampunk” as the term to describe the Victorian science-fiction/ fantasy type of genre.  

Steampunk costumes

Steampunk costumes are traditionally handmade with the combination of cloth and other fabrics like plastics, metal etc. Generally, the colors are rarely bright in color as they vary in neutral. The attire is carried out by accessories like goggles, top hats or other mechanical gadgets. Steampunk definitely carries a Victorians look.
Some wear steampunk outfits in everyday situations while some reserve it for special occasions like cosplay, steampunk festival, anime. Steampunk is more than a fashion and is viral in terms of style. This fashion is so flexible that you can actually make combinations and look different.

steampunk costumes for women

Steampunk women carries fashion with petticoats, corset along with some head wear like hats and eye wear like goggles. The other famous costumes include gown, engineer skirts or corset with the addition of steampunk weapons to give you a complete look.

steampunk costumes for men

steampunk clothing men include long hats, bow tie, coats along with long leather boots, engineer pants, gloves and goggles.

Steampunk Festival

Once in a year, you will find the streets being transformed into cobbled. People wear steampunk clothings and fantasy costumes.  This unique take on Steampunk is industrial gothic.From the classic hat to the wonderful eyewear goggles makes them more attractive and crazy. Different people around the world participate with their unique attires.

Coming steampunk events are as follows:-
     ·Vandalia-Con: Saving the Mothers of Invention
May 2-4 2014
Parkersburg, West Virginia

     ·Gaslight Gathering 4
May 2-4 2014
San Diego, California

      ·Steampunk World's Fair
May 16-18 2014
Piscataway, New Jersey

      · Steampunk Doncaster 2014: Tiffin In The Park
June 21-22 2014
Doncaster, South Yorkshire (UK)
United Kingdom

Since the modern Steampunk is well understood and acceptable due to its right growth amongst people which is in contrast to the Victorians era, so therefore steampunk fashion is most famous.

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