Thursday, 16 April 2015

Why People Love Steampunk Faire

Steampunk Faire is an event in which people use to wear the dress like the time when steam engines were used.This is a event and a time of joy for all the people and they celebrate it with happiness . This festival is celebrated around the world in different countries and thousands of people participate in it.

The main reason of celebrating a Steampunk fair is to enjoy and fun with the family and friends. People use to wear different Steampunk costumes and with that they carry Steampunk weapon which suits their costume.The main attraction is all the dresses and costumes which people wear at Steampunk faire. Everyone tries to wear something unique Steampunk clothing from others.

So,let’s see some of the rare Steampunk costumes which you can wear in 2015 Steampunk faire:

Britannia Guard Coat-This is an amazing Steampunk costume in which you can wear a Britannia guard coat.A  white colored pith helmet and after that you can use a Steampunk google. Wear white gloves on your hands and a belt. Wear long Steampunk boots with it and lastly you need a Steampunk weapon. A long gun will complete this Steampunk costume.

Baker street Coat costume- Whether you traverse the maze of Scotland, or black alleys of Fuji Landon. This will be the amazing and unique costume which includes Baker street Coat which is very much long and with this wear long boots and carry a Steampunk weapon like revolver with you.

Archangel Costume- Wear a complete archangel costume which includes an archangel fiberglass mask. Also wear a long black coat which should cover you from head to knee.You can also use some latex armor on your shoulder and chest part. Wear airship captain boots with it and you are done.

Another incredible costume will be like wear a leather spitfire cap and a Steampunk goggle on the top of it.Wear airship flying Vest and airship pants with it.Use brown shoes to wear .

Empire Gentlemen’s Steampunk costumes- In this costume wear Leather Top hat and wear Steampunk google on it.Then a black gentleman’s coat. Use black color Vambraces on hands and use a long antique replica gun.

Steampunk clothing is always very attractive and creative.People use different different styles and ideas every year,which makes this event evergreen.These are above some of my ideas for Steampunk faire. You can also comment me with your Steampunk costume ideas for 2015.

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