Wednesday, 17 September 2014

5 Ways to Wear Steampunk Goggles

The concept of Steampunk  goggles is nothing different, but it is an additional kind of accessory which goes with Steampunk clothes and it is one of the amazing pieces in steampunk collections. The design of such goggles is no doubt unique and they look awesome to wear.

This post is specially written for those who either don’t know how to use these goggles or who are searching ways to put on with their Steampunk dress. Such goggles do not only with steampunk costumes for women but also with men too.

1) On head: - This look of carrying Steampunk goggle on the head is very common. It is a casual look which looks cool, but then you have to be careful when tying on the head. This is not a very creative look, but still it goes well with Steampunk costumes.

2) On eyes: - Similar to where we normally wear goggles. But the real Steampunk does not wear goggles on eyes, but it is just a way people are used to put on them. Also, they are not good for eyes as you will feel headache if using for long periods.

3) On Hat: - Wearing them on your hat is a bit creative as it will not only be with you but also give an imaginative look to hat also.

4) Around Neck: - Now this is the coolest way to wear these I think so in terms of comfort and style. Perfect to carry with your steampunk halloween costumes.

5) On pet: - If you can't wear Steampunk goggles then putting it on your pet is a good option. Now you are free and don’t need to carry the burden of it when your pet is carrying it.

Although it is not necessary to wear these goggles, but it is up to you if you want to wear them or not as still some people find it classy and you can find them on online Steampunk clothing store as well as offline stores also.

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