Wednesday, 12 November 2014

10 Best Actors Wearing Steampunk Clothes

The Steampunk fashion was not only famous in its era, but from past years, it has flowed down in this modern world as well. Here in this post we will see some of the awesome Steampunk collections of clothing from the top Steampunk inspired movies that their actors were wearing.

     1) Sherlock Holmes (Movie: Sherlock Holmes): - This movie was like again writing the history as it reflects the whole Steampunk era culture. The movie is full packed with Victorian gadgets and clothings (as you can see on Mr.Holmes). Although in my case I did not like the movie much, but for sure the scenes and the scenery were catchy. 

    2) Kenneth Branagh (Movie: Wild Wild West): - Now next come the actor Kenneth Branagh, who was known for his Steampunk look in the movie Wild Wild West. Although according to Imdb, movie ratings was not really good, but it shows a large amount of gadgetry. The long Steampunk styled hat of the actor was suiting him the best in the movie.

    3) Gene Wilder (Movie: Young Frankenstein): - Gene Wilder is also known best for getting the attire in Steampunk costumes in this movie. The movie is very old, but totally fantasy styled. The goggle which he is holding is completely in Steampunk mode which people wear in festivals.

    4) Steve Coogan (Movie: Around the World in 80 Days): - In this movie, Steve wore long open coats with hats. Along with these he managed to wear other clothings like vests, cravat and steampunk footwears with holding a stick to give a typical look. These long open coats were treated amongst the most demanding piece.

    5) Christopher Nolan (Movie: The Prestige): - He was wearing the most stylish vests with the combination of Steampunk  pants. This movie was pictured in a modern Steampunk way. These vests were worn by specially by man and it looks smart on them.

    6) Mark Addy (Movie: The Time Machine): - No doubt Mark Addy was looking like a true Steampunk peasant wearing that hat and long open coats. He was actually fitting into the role of a king with long beard and strict appearance.

    7) Ryan Phillippe (Movie: Franklyn): - Next comes this actor in this very new movie styled in cravat with long hats, goggles and other steampunk clothing for men made me force to put him in my list. Originating from 17th century modern tailored necktie and bow tie, a neckband also called a cravat.

   8) Malcolm McDowell (Movie: Time After Time): - Simple and well dressed up Malcom McDowell in Steampunk clothes looks so stylish and elegant. His hat with the combination of his goggles made me to buy one along with vests he was wearing. 

   9) George C. Scott (Movie: The Hindenburg): - This movie of 1975, which was based on the Steampunk theme. All the clothes of this actor were the basic Steampunk fashionably designed. The movie was fine to watch except for the catchy clothings.

   10) Charles Black (Movie: Heartless- The Story of the Tin Man): - I think  the costumes of this movie were armpunk that is mixture of both armor and steampunk. Although the glasses he wore were quite different from the original glasses but they were of the same theme.

I know these are some of an awesome collection to have if you love the mix of fantasy, animation, and Steampunk gadgetry. Not only the exact replicas of it, but similar dresses can be found in online steampunk clothing stores as well. The Steampunk fashion adds the look of the Victorian era- soldiers and explorers.

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