Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Top 5 Steampunk Movies Ever Made

Steampunk is trending from the Victorian’s period but if you are hearing about this term now then it is like omnipresent Victorian-themed sci-fi genre suddenly spawned out of some dark corner of the counter-culture netherworld.
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Just to increase the fascination amongst people some popular steampunk movies were made on the silver screen so that people can enjoy and feel its custom in a different way. With such movies you can increase your steampunk passion.

The following movies contain all the interesting steampunk elements, excellent movies for steampunk lovers of any age:-

        Igor (2008):- A story focused on Igor, a mad scientist’s loveable assistant determined to prove his worth as a diabolical evil genius. Basically, Igor is just a cute little hunchback with bad intentions plagued by an inherently good heart. Steam factors include a town chalked full of mad scientists, gears and goggles at every turn, and some snazzy futuristic Victorian duds.

The Golden Compass (2007):- A young girl in a parallel universe is on an adventure to save her friend along with other kidnapped children from an institution called the Magisterial.  This is a movie full of fantastical elements such as soul-representing daemons, warrior polar bears, and flying witches.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2002):- Sent on an expedition to explore Atlantis, historian Milo Thatch crew end up having to save the incredible city rather than merely explore it. Ulysses, the 1,000 foot submarine the crew uses to reach Atlantis is undeniably Jules Verne influenced. The story is also set in the early 1900’s yet their equipment and gadgets have a wonderful steamy type of retro-futurism to them.

      Steamboy (2004) :- As the title makes clear, it doesn't get any more steampunk than this. Never a hit in the US (poor marketing?), it remains one of the most expensive Japanese animated movies ever made. The story plays out in Victorian England, and you can expect all the genre trappings, from quirky contraptions to dastardly villains and, yes, a whole lotta steam.


 The City of Lost Children (1995):- This French cult classic tells the story of a mad scientist, a failed genetic experiment, who uses fantastic contraptions (and burly men who wear fantastic contraptions) to kidnap children and steal their dreams. As the villain, Krank, lives on an oil rig, some say this is better labeled dieselpunk, but the Victorian-esque setting, costumes, and designs put it on firm steampunk footing.

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